With just under 8 billion catalogues being distributed every year,  reaching 20.1 million Australians every week within a $2 billion industry, can you afford not to be in the catalogue market?

We specialise in this, as the results speak for themselves. Whilst other channels have been under enormous pressure over the past 5 years, catalogues have held their numbers – demonstrating a resilient and stable media channel. But most importantly, they have demonstrated their effectiveness.

Franklin WEB is, by choice exclusively a printer of catalogues and associated materials. That means we are dedicated to offering you the widest range of catalogue formats and innovative options to increase the impact of your advertising and maximize return on investment.

Just as importantly, our focus on catalogues means we’re not driven by the deadlines and demands of publishers; rather, we concentrate on meeting the needs of retailers and maximising the value of your advertising dollar. With Franklin, you can be sure you’ll get what you need, when you need it, because once your job is in our hands, we’ll give it our full concentration until every last detail is complete.


Australian consumers rank catalogues and flyers as the number one most effective advertising channel. With respondents ranking the top three attributes as being ‘Easier to refer to later’ – 72% of respondents, ‘Often informative’ – 48% and ‘Easier to understand’ – 42%.

(ADMA and APost, 2013).


The medium with the highest level of influence on shopper purchases remains the catalogue, which is preferred by 37% of respondents to the AMP Capital Shopping Intent Report. This is the case even amongst young shoppers with 28% of 18-24 year olds and 30% of 25-34 year olds nominating catalogues as their first preference.

(Two Sides, 2013).


The Roy Morgan Single Source survey asked Australians to rank the media most useful when making purchasing decisions. Catalogues ranked first across 11 categories, second across 4 categories and third across 2 categories. The highest being Groceries at 52%, Childrenswear and Toys at 44%, Alcoholic beverages at 43% and Small electrical appliances at 41%.

(Roy Morgan, 2013).


Catalogues provide a one to-one conversation between consumers and brands. The emotional connectors to paper and the tactility of catalogues assist companies in communicating vital brand messages. Creative photography and styling combine to deliver a powerful message on paper, adding to the journey.

(Two Sides, 2013).