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Direct Mail

We know the importance of having the ability to print, personalise and uniquely finish your direct mail products.

At Franklin WEB, we understand your need to communicate directly, and often personally, with your customers. That’s why we work closely with Blue Star DIRECT, an IVE business, who can provide a range of innovative solutions to help maximise the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns.

Our versatile digital and offset press technology allows us to produce DM pieces in a range of sizes, shapes and formats. We have the ability to incorporate an unlimited range of response-building mechanisms, including:

– Sequential numbering
– Reply coupons or cards
– Bang-tail envelopes and account enclosures

We can add brilliant attention-grabbing features, like:

– Pop-ups
– Windows
– Sliders, unzips, rub-offs or fragrances

And all of this can be done, whilst fully personalising your print to your customer, with targeted offers or details for individual recipients.

So whether you’re collecting data, building customer relationships, driving traffic in store, or simply looking to increase sales through direct promotions, talk to Franklin WEB about how we can help you drive greater ROI for your spend.


About Blue Star DIRECT

Blue Star DIRECT is the largest data-driven direct personalised communication business in Australia.
They work with customers’ data to produce highly personalised, multi-channel communications. These include both physical communications distributed through the mail as well as digital communications delivered through multiple channels, including email, SMS and social media.

Blue Star DIRECT has modern, highly efficient production facilities in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne,
and works with many of Australia’s leading brands in managing their one-to-one customer communications strategy.