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Point of Sale

With Franklin WEB’s years of experience working with Australia’s most successful retailers, we know the importance of ensuring brand integrity across all of your marketing collateral.

Getting the visual merchandising you need to support your catalogue campaigns in store can be a complex and time-consuming process; particularly if you have multiple suppliers producing different pieces of your in-store puzzle. At Franklin WEB, we can manage all of this for you through as a single point of contact.

The Franklin solution brings together an experienced team of Point of Sale experts who can advise and support you through every campaign, extensive production resources which allow you to consolidate all your Point of Sale production, and a sophisticated, purpose-built POS management system which you can rely on to ensure every piece of your collateral arrives where it’s needed, on time, every time. We work closely with Blue Star DISPLAY, an IVE business, who creates and produces award-winning point of sale (POS) materials in various sizes and on all kinds of substrates. They then kit, distribute and install Australia-wide at a speed and quality that is unrivalled.


About Blue Star DISPLAY

With world-class operations in both Sydney and Melbourne, the Blue Star DISPLAY teams are specialists in conceptualising, designing, producing and installing temporary, semi-permanent and permanent display solutions for every retail environment.

We understand how to draw shoppers’ attention and turn browsing into buying by creating dynamic POS/POP that stands out and optimises the available retail space to enhance opportunities for engagement.

We also know that customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with dealing with a supplier that can manage the job from start to finish. Our service includes the sourcing and manufacturing of materials both on-shore through our dedicated Sydney and Melbourne Blue Star DISPLAY operations and also off-shore through our team based in China.

Our capacity to produce on-shore and off-shore means we can meet the tightest deadlines by producing materials locally and also take advantage of long lead times to manufacture in Asia. This flexibility ensures our customers receive the most cost effective and efficient solutions.

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